TEXTure Magazine ~ It's Alive!

Once upon a time there lived in Annapolis a brave young man who yearned to create a literary and art magazine. He met a grumpy older man who self-identified as a poet, and the two of them begged and cajoled poets and artists to let them borrow poems and art. And TEXTure Magazine was born.


We launched the magazine at Old Fox Books on Saturday, September 2nd. The turn-out was magnificent beyond expectations, especially since we pushed it back a day due to the weird vagaries of the publishing business. The wine flowed like wine, and appreciation for, and love of literature was palpable, like creamy peanut butter on the skin. And ain't nothin' wrong with that.

Janice and Jinny were the best hostesses ever. All the poets read like it was the Academy Awards. I didn't step on my tongue too frequently. Yes, we missed all those who couldn't attend because of the last-minute date change, but that was just the poetry gods looking out for us. Putting Rocky Jones, Grace Cavalieri, and the rest of the missing in the same room with Renee Gherity, Stephanie White, Josh Coberly and the others who showed would have been too tempting a target for a North Korean missile strike.

Thank you, Old Fox Books. Thank you, artists and photographers and poets. I've never felt less grumpy in my life.

~ Cliff Lynn